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Last fall, while the cousins were cleaning out my aunts house, I dug up some of the sweet pea roots she had growing on the side of her house.  She was moving.  Sweet pea’s are my birth flower and I wanted an everlasting memory of my aunt.

It was late fall. It was a last minute impulse, so I wasn’t really careful about what I was doing.  I  planted the roots in my flower garden with the hopes that they would grow.  In the spring, I saw some small growth. I was excited and hoped they would fill in over time. I was thinking years.Sweet Pea

That shows you what I know.  They must be a very hearty plant.  They are growing  like wild fire.  I’m so excited and happy.


Now I will always have something to remember my aunt by.  It also reminds me to call her every time I see them.



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