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Thursday, Sept. 8: A house/apartment/room tour! Give us a glimpse of your space.

I have posted pictures of my sewing space before, but I have yet to show you where I quilt.  Like some of the longarm quilters I know, my longarm is in my basement. Who has room for a longarm in their home? My living room is the only room large enough to fit a longarm frame.  I don’t think my husband would approve unless I let him put snowmobiles in the bedroom. That’s not going to happen.

Living in New England, it gets cold in an unheated basement. I have a 22o volt space heater and a curtain by the stairs to help hold the heat in the basement.  The curtain also hides a few of my husband’s mini-bikes.


My longarm is not computerized. I free motion quilt when not using pantographs. This means that I use templates and stencils from time to time. These can take up some serious space, an old school pegboard works great.


Opposite the stairs is my tool storage.  One of the best things I have purchased for storage is the two magnetic strips I use for hanging my scissors.   There is something hanging from my magnetic strip that you may not find in other sewing studios. It’s a dog slicker brush.  It works great for picking up threads from the carpet.  I have heard that others use a toilet scrub brush for that.  But I think a dog slicker brush looks better hanging on my wall than a toilet brush.

What unusual tool do you have in your sewing space?



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