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Over the years I have rearranged, reorganized and cleaned my sewing studio many times.  But I have yet been successful at keeping it organized and clean.  I have search the internet. Googled organizing ideas. Followed pintrest posts to no avail.  It always end up looking like this.

This week I’m going to attempt the cleaning and organizing again.  But I have come to the conclusion, I have WAY to much stuff. A few years ago I cleaned out and sold off a bunch of fabric and books.  I’m not sure I can part with anymore.  But we will see.

I’m thinking of moving some of the yardage to a different area in the house. The problem is the only place I have to store it is either the attic or the basement. Both of which are not ideal for fabric storage.  But I have to figure something out.  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


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