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I Can Sew Now!

WorkSpaceAfter a few days of organizing, it’s better.  I can see the floor. I can use my cutting table. My pressing surface is visible. And I actually cleaned my sewing table.

I decided to move all paperwork out of my sewing room.  It is now in my husbands office. I still have papers to go through but I that’s always an ongoing process.

I purchased a laptop earlier this year, so I no longer require a desk in my space. With the desk and file cabinet gone, I was able to add an additional shelf.  This gave me more room for the quilting fabric previously stored in cube shelving.  Half of which now holds all my works in progress.

I had all my fashion fabrics hanging up. I decided that was not the best use of my space.  I took it all down folded it neatly and put it on the other half of the cube shelving in the closet.  Home dec fabric got a new home also. With the new shelf for my quilting fabric, I was able to clear another self in the closet for my home dec stuff.

I have to thank my sister Nancy for assisting me.  She helped get everything out of the room so I could reorganize it and put it back.  “I can’t believe you have this much stuff in that room,” was said often.

I still need to figure out a better way to store all my rulers. Elastic, purchased binding and seam tape need to be organized better. For now they are in a drawer.  I enrolled in an on-line sloper class with Burda Style. Now I have a surface to work on. 🙂 And a spot to hang my slopers when done.

Some day I’ll put the door back on the closet.





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Over the years I have rearranged, reorganized and cleaned my sewing studio many times.  But I have yet been successful at keeping it organized and clean.  I have search the internet. Googled organizing ideas. Followed pintrest posts to no avail.  It always end up looking like this.

This week I’m going to attempt the cleaning and organizing again.  But I have come to the conclusion, I have WAY to much stuff. A few years ago I cleaned out and sold off a bunch of fabric and books.  I’m not sure I can part with anymore.  But we will see.

I’m thinking of moving some of the yardage to a different area in the house. The problem is the only place I have to store it is either the attic or the basement. Both of which are not ideal for fabric storage.  But I have to figure something out.  If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


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