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Started with thisHere is a little teaser for the Border Creek Station Mystery Club starting this Sunday at Pine Tree Quilt Shop in Salem, NH.

I started with this stack of fabric and two charm packs. I was so excited, I opened one of the packs before I took the picture.In Process

The pattern designer keeps you very organized. You start with 10 large zipper bags. At the end of each step, you have a list of what you should have in each bag.  To the right is a picture of my baggies about halfway through.Quilt Top Completed

Here is the worst of all teases. This is a cropped picture of my completed quilt top folded up.  I know, it’s mean.  But it is supposed to be a mystery.

There is still room/time to sign up. So call Pine Tree right now.

See you Sunday.


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A few weeks back, I signed up for an on-line quilt class given by Carla Barrett.  Her class is call Quilt Whispering.

One of the hardest part of creating a quilt is how to quilt it.  All quilters dread the instructions at the end of a pattern that says “quilt as desired.”  As a longarm quilter, I need to be able to look at a quilt and come up with designs that will enhance the quilt and please the customer.  This can be a difficult task.

The class is in its second week. I have already learned so much.  One of  the first things Carla teaches is how to break down a quilt.  To look at it differently.  To see what opportunities there are to stray from the same old thing.  I have already put this into practice with a couple of my own quilts.

I have a quilt top I made couple of years ago.  It was a mystery quilt through a guild I belong  to.  The quilt to is 120″ square.  I have not quilted it because I couldn’t make up my mind as to how to quilt it.  I think I just may have come up with a plan or maybe two.This is only 1/4 of the quit.  But you get the idea.


or Triangles

I found after taking a picture of the quilt, I was able to see opportunities for quilting I didn’t see otherwise.  I am excited to get started on this quilt and other quilt tops I have yet to complete.

Now I just need to decide between Circles or Triangles.  Tom, my husband, likes the circles.  Which do you like? Click on the pictures to get a closer look.

I’ll post the finished product once it’s complete.  Right now I’m working on a project for my nephew Justin.  But that’s a whole other story. I’ll blog about that once it’s done.


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My friend Carol followed a mystery quilt in the Quilters Newsletter Magazine.  She figured it would be fun.

The first step was to make simple anvil type blocks.  Her’s remind me of a piece of cellophane wrapped candy.

Next was a modified bear paw block.

Then they upped the anti with an applique block,  eight of them.  Four going in one direction and four in another.

The last block was a center medallion,  a mariners compass.  So much for simple.  Had they reversed the order of the blocks she might not have even joined the mystery.

The quilt was finished off with some borders, half square triangle units, and a few four-patch units.  I finished quilting it for her just the other day.  It’s beautiful.  She requested I carry the floral design of the applique into the quilting.

What do you think?

I would love to see other quilts made following the Quilters Newsletter mystery.


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