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This weekend was the Merrimack Valley Quilters Guild Annual Quilt Show.  (Boy, that’s a mouth full.)  I was pleasantly surprised.  The Mystery Blue quilt I entered to be judged won two ribbons.  One for 2nd Place for Machine Quilting,  the other for 3rd Place  in the Large Quilt Category.

My good friend Carol Sullivan also one a ribbon for 3rd Place for Hand Applique.  I had to laugh because she was some what critical of her applique job.  Tells you what she knows.  Way to go Carol!


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I have a busy weekend.  Both the Hannah Dustin and the Merrimack Valley quilt guilds have there annual quilt shows this weekend.  I am a member of both guilds and volunteered to help at both shows.  If you want more information about the shows click on there links above.

I finished Ellen’s quilt.  It will be at the Hannah Dustin Show,  along with Josh’s necktie quilt.  If you want to see either of these up close and personal, they will be in Hudson, NH this weekend.

I am planning on entering a few quilts the Images show in Lowell, MA later this summer.  I just have not decided which.  But I need to decide soon because the entry deadline in May 1.

I will be entering my niece Amber’s quilt in the Lowell kids division.  She had a very good score when we entered it in the MQX show.  She scored a 59 our of 80 possible points.  That’s not bad for your first quilt.

I will be posting a few of my quilts for sale in the next couple of weeks.  So watch for the pictures.

See you at the shows.


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Yeah I know.  It was supposed to be a Christmas present.  Between not having time and not really sure how I wanted to quilt it, I have been procrastinating on it.  I have been keeping up with customer quilts.  Just not my own.

I spent most of this past week at the Machine Quilters Expo in Manchester, NH.  I got a ton of great ideas for some of my own quilts.  I wished I had taken these classes before I started working on Ellen’s quilt.  But I can still incorporate some of them.  I still have the borders to complete.Close up of quilting

In the half square triangle blocks, I quilted a quick loop.  The path of the quilting accentuates the barn raising setting of the blocks.  After taking the classes, I got the idea to add something in the middle of the two loops.  I just haven’t decided what.  I quilted a nice swirling feather in the green sashing.

I need to get this quilt and one other that is a king size quilt done by April 30th.  I have entered them in a couple of local guild shows.  Ellen’s will be on display at the Hannah Dustin show in Hudson, NH.  Along with Josh’s neck tie quilt.   I have two others that I have entered in the Merrimack Valley Quilters show in Plaistow,  NH.  For more information about these shows, use the web site links I have listed on the right.

Hope to see some of you there.


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