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Raffle Quilt

Raffle Quilt

Back in April, I received the Raffle Quilt for the Dracut, MA guild,  Patchwork Pals.

It gave me the opportunity to try some new found designs.

I was not sure which designs I wanted to use in the center so I started with the borders.  The outermost border  is wider on the top and bottom than on the sides.  I needed to use a design that would not emphasize the difference in width.  I talked with my friend Katie, to bounce some idea off of her.  Sometimes it helps to have a sounding board.

Border treatments

Border treatments

I decided upon using a technique from a class I took with Deloa Jones.  She has a new border book out.  In that book, she has some designs that you use in mirror image.  I used one of her designs singly down the sides and as a mirror image on the top and bottom outer borders.

In the two smaller borders (1st and 3rd), I quilted a simple leaf vine.   In the 2nd border, I used another design from Deloa’s book.  She has a braided feather border.  I had seen it on a website selling digital design for computerized longarms.  I do not have a computerized system.  I was excited when I saw Deloa had included that design in the book. The braided feather has a simple yet elegant way of turning the corners with a swirl.

Corner of Main design

Corner of quilt center

Once I had completed the borders I started on the center.  All I knew I wanted to do was to outline and echo the appliques.   I also copied the smaller applique and repeated an outline of design in the  background.  Next I used a swirl leaf motif as a background fill.  I truly liked the way this quilt was coming out.

Now all that was left was the dark sections of the log cabin blocks.  I first tried to create a nice curving spine on which to quilt a feather.  I just could not create a spine that was pleasing.  It was either to deep or not even.  I ended up taking the quilt off the frame to lay it out so I could examine the quilt and work out a spine that would be pleasing.  Again, I turned to my friend Katie.  She has a couple of tools that would assist me in drawing a nice spine.

With tools in hand I laid the quilt out to start drawing.  With chalk, mind you.  Just plain ordinary white school chalk is a great way to mark a quilt.  It comes right off with the use of a red lint brush.

Anyway, I was looking at the quilt trying to decide upon how to make the spine, when it hit me.  Just use the edge of the logs as spines.  Now why couldn’t I have thought about that sooner.  I know what your thinking.  “Doesn’t she plan out her quilting before she puts the quilt on the frame?”  The answer is not always.  My brain doesn’t always work that way. I have found that some of the designs I have planed out just don’t work with the quilt.  Then I have to change mid-stream.  I really thought I wanted to do a nice swirling feather on this quilt.  But the quilt told me otherwise.

Feathered Logs

Feathered Logs

I ended up quilting in two nesting feathers along the logs of the blocks.  It was what the quilt called for.  For those of you who have done something similar, you understand.  No matter what you think might look good on a quilt, sometimes it tells you you’re wrong.   Always listen to the quilt,  it knows.   I know that sounds strange but sometimes it just happens that way.  So if you are stuck on a design, stand back and review everything you have done so far.  The quilt will let you know what it needs.  Just make sure you listen.  Sometimes it whispers.

The quilt will be viewed by the guild this Sunday.  I am positive everyone will like it.  I love the way is came out.

If you want to purchase raffle tickets, e-mail me or check out the guild website.  I’m sure they would love to sell you a ticket or two or more.


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