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A few weeks ago, I saw a post on facebook with someone using the Glide ‘n Go template.  I immediately went to the website to see these templates.

Template is really not what these are, but I could not think of a better word.  Their site uses the words ruler or accessory.  I think accessory is a better term.

This accessory is designed to aid in easing in the fullness of a quilt while it is on a longarm quilt frame.  After watching the video, I  purchase the plater and the tru-line ruler. glide-n-go

I have used the platter 3 times in the last couple of weeks with amazing results.  Not one pleat.  I thought I had one, but I did not.  One block was a bit full.  It looked like there was a pleat.  There is bulkiness but no pleat.

The Glide ‘N Go also allows you to go off the edge of the quilt top and back on without the hopping foot going under the quilt top.  You don’t have to baste the top down.

A bonus is that some of the lint is captured on the top of the acrylic.  Less lint that would end up in the bobbin case.glide-n-go-4a

The accessory just sits on the top of the quilt around your hopping foot.  As you quilt, it smoothes out the quilt top.  Smoothing and easing as you quilt.  It is simply amazing.

The only downside is that it hops or bounces a bit when it goes over thick seams or if your quilt sandwich is too high.  I own an A-1 longarm.  There is an adjustment on the frame to lift the uptake bar as the quilt is rolled up.  This keeps the quilt from impeding the movement of longarm.  If the quilt is too high, my Glide ‘n Go platter would bounce.  A simple adjustment to the height of the take-up bar and the bounce was gone. Plus, the quilt top should not be that high. It can affect the tension.

I would whole heartedly recommend this produce.  If you are quilting for others or just yourself, it is worth the money.  I am one happy quilter.



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