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A few weeks back, I signed up for an on-line quilt class given by Carla Barrett.  Her class is call Quilt Whispering.

One of the hardest part of creating a quilt is how to quilt it.  All quilters dread the instructions at the end of a pattern that says “quilt as desired.”  As a longarm quilter, I need to be able to look at a quilt and come up with designs that will enhance the quilt and please the customer.  This can be a difficult task.

The class is in its second week. I have already learned so much.  One of  the first things Carla teaches is how to break down a quilt.  To look at it differently.  To see what opportunities there are to stray from the same old thing.  I have already put this into practice with a couple of my own quilts.

I have a quilt top I made couple of years ago.  It was a mystery quilt through a guild I belong  to.  The quilt to is 120″ square.  I have not quilted it because I couldn’t make up my mind as to how to quilt it.  I think I just may have come up with a plan or maybe two.This is only 1/4 of the quit.  But you get the idea.


or Triangles

I found after taking a picture of the quilt, I was able to see opportunities for quilting I didn’t see otherwise.  I am excited to get started on this quilt and other quilt tops I have yet to complete.

Now I just need to decide between Circles or Triangles.  Tom, my husband, likes the circles.  Which do you like? Click on the pictures to get a closer look.

I’ll post the finished product once it’s complete.  Right now I’m working on a project for my nephew Justin.  But that’s a whole other story. I’ll blog about that once it’s done.


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