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A quick PSA. snow-day

Got my butt sleds the other day from LL Bean.  I will be out later today to practice with them before hitting the trails. These were in their on-line sales section.

Pups have their doggie booties on.  This snow, while fluffy, is sticking to their paws.  No fun having ice balls between your toes.  You can get some at Dog Booties.  Made in Alaska and inexpensive enough if you lose one.  But again, they are made in Alaska, so they are tough.


The picture below was taken last year. Sport has on his neon green. Maggie has hot pink.  If they lose them while out hiking, they are easy to find. And no, they don’t like having them on. But when they are out running around in the snow, they forget they have them on.


Do you like their bright boots?

Have you butt sled down a mountain trial?  Any tips I need to know?


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Friday, Sept. 30: Picture this, you’ve been stopped on the street by the photographer of Humans of New York, and he asks, “What advice would you give to a large group of people?” Share a picture of yourself along with the advice.

Advice? I’m not sure.  I would have to say, don’t be afraid to try something new.  If I had, I wouldn’t be blogging.  I was never really fond of writing when I was in school.  This month has been tough, writing something for every day of the month.  I’m glad I did it.  I’m glad it’s

If I had not tried quilting, I would not have grown as a quilter and a sewer.

If I had not tried hiking, I would have never hiked the mountains of NH.

If I had not gotten that cute Brittany puppy, I would have never found the love for dogs I now have.

If I had not tried snowmobiling, I would have never gone to snowmobiling in Yellowstone.

If I had not joined a local quilt guild, I would not have the friends who understand my need for fabric.

Now there are things I don’t think I would ever do.  I don’t see myself ever ski diving, bungee jumping, or scuba diving.  But I will continue to try new things.

What new something have you tried lately?


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Tuesday, Sept. 27: Something that made you laugh or cry recently. It could be a video, a picture, a post, a memory. Anything that moved you.

On a daily basis, my two Brittany’s make me laugh.  They can be so silly.  They bring joy to my day.



What makes you laugh and brings you joy?


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April’s category is edible crafts.  When I think of an edible craft, I think of sweets.  I really did not want something sweet in my house.  It is only myself and my husband. We both work from home. The opportunity to give any sweets away is slim.  I already make chicken jerky for my pups, so I looked for a recipe to make a different treat for them.

A couple of year ago there was a scare with some of the imported dog treats.  There is less regulations when it comes to pet food than is for people food.  So I started making my own chicken jerky for my pups. So for April, I decided to make a different treat. I got so into making the treats I forgot to take pictures.

20160428_085000First came the research. There are tons of recipes available. Choosing one was difficult. If your pet has allergies, you can alter recipes according to the specific allergy.  This is the recipe I settled on  I did add dried parsley flakes.  Parsley is good for bad breath.

I didn’t make them any special shape. The pups don’t care.  They love them.  I brought the new treats on a hike. Maggie ate through the bag to get at them.  So I would say they are a hit.

The chicken jerky is easy to make.  The hardest part is slicing the chicken up.  These are good for hiking as the pups need protein while hiking.

Chicken jerky for pups

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  • 1 chicken breast
  • Olive oil
  • Dried parsley

Set the oven on warm – 200°

Oil a sheet of aluminum foil. I just pour a bit of oil on the foil then spread it around with a paper towel.  You don’t need a lot of oil. Just enough to grease the foil so the chicken won’t stick. It still sticks a little, but it helps.

Slice the chicken into ¼ thick pieces and place them on the foil in a single layer. They don’t need a lot of space between the pieces but they should not touch.  Sprinkle with the parsley.  I sprinkle generously.

Place is the oven. This is the tricky part. It may be helpful to use a cookie sheet to transfer the chicken laden foil to the oven.  Bake for 6 – 8 hours, or until dry and crispy. Turning once half way through.

I store them in a zip bag in the refrigerator.  I don’t know how long they will keep. Because they don’t last long in my house.

Follow me on Instagram to see pictures of my pups hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Let me know if you try a treat recipe and how your pup liked it.


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But I am!

Last year I made snow suits for my dogs. When hiking in the winter, the wind can be an issue for dogs.  So I made snow suits using a laminated polar fleece.  They were great.  They slip on over there heads covering all their legs, while leaving the all important opening in the rear.  They were not as pleased with them as I was. 20150127_141252

This year, the night before our first winter hike, I could not find Sports suit. Being bright green, it would be difficult not to see them.  Both my husband and I looked everywhere.  I have the feeling it got thrown out in a bag while cleaning my sewing room. Augh!!


This is the pattern I used. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available.

I could make another one. But I did not have enough fabric left. I searched the internet, called the fabric store where the fabric was purchased, with no luck.  What I found on-line was too expensive.  The fabric store no longer had any left. I did purchase it two years ago.

What’s a girl to do?

I have been following a few blogs about refashioning old clothing. Looking through my closet, I didn’t have anything I was willing to sacrifice.  I went to my local Salvation Army store and found a jacket that, in combination with the fabric I had, would work perfectly.  Only $10.  Hooray!


The cuff were the most difficult. You need to stretch the cuff to fit the bottom of the sleeve.

So, I set out cutting the fabric and jacket. I had to piece some of the fabric to make it large enough to cut various pattern pieces.  Thus the stripe across the back. The original suit for Sport was a bit snug, so I made this one a bit bigger.  I think he looks great. But he’s not too happy. Once outside on the trails, he will not care at all.


I’m thrilled with the results!  We are ready for the next hike!


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I love my dogs but sometimes they are just plain goofy.  Once the squirrels come out for the season, they go from tree to tree chasing them.  They will sit for hours under the trees watching and waiting for the squirrels to come down.Maggie Squirrel Hunting

My next door neighbor once wondered if  they get stiff necks.  My sister, Ruthie, came over once and asked where they were.  I told her they were outside.  She said they couldn’t be because they didn’t run to greet her.  I told her they must have a squirrel up in the tree.  Sure enough,  they were staring up at the tree.

These two are hunting dogs.  I guess they don’t understand they are bird dogs, not squirrel dogs.  What I can’t figure out is why the squirrels even come back.  Sport and Maggie do this every year.   If they are in the house and see a squirrel out the window, they go crazy.  They will jump and whine until you let them out.  Then they race out the door jumping down off the deck.  Mind you we have six steps coming off the deck.  They jump over all of them.

When I first  saw the add for the movie “UP” with the dog with the talking collar, I just laughed.  That is my two.  They will be going along then “SQUIRREL”.  Just don’t get in there way or they are liable to run you over.

They keep Tom and I smiling.  They are such a joy to have around.

I love my Sport and Maggie.


Sport, come help me find that squirrel

That squirrel went somewhere

I don't see where it went Maggie

It's up in the tree

Oh squirrel, I'm waiting

Maggie I see it.

It's right up there

Mom - leave us alone.  We're busy.

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The gathering of snowmobiles at the club house.

The gathering of snowmobiles at the club house.

This past Sunday (3/15/09) was the last vintage ride of the season for the Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club.   We had quite a turnout.  There were 31 snowmobiles. We had good weather.  The sun was shining all day.  It did get a little warm for some of the sleds.  The older motors just don’t like the heat to much.

Sport and Maggie came with us on the ride.  They had a blast.  Sport rode with me.  Maggie rode with Tom.  Sport curled up in between my legs.  It felt like he was trying to go to sleep.

Maggie and Sport on Tom's Rupp Nitro

Maggie and Sport on Tom's Rupp Nitro

He kept poking his head out under my arm to watch Tom and Maggie behind me.  Maggie on the other hand sat with Tom and watch as the world whizzed by.  She loves to have the wind in her face.  Everyone got a kick out of the fact that they would just sit with us on the sled and ride.  They also enjoyed exploring the trails when we stopped.

There is a great look out over the valley where we stopped for a while.  I almost had to stay there.  The sled I was riding was getting hot and kept on stalling.  Then the rope came out of the starter.   Tom tried to put it back but found that the starter spring had broken as well.  So with help from our friend Greg, Tom wrapped the rope around the starter cup and kept trying to start the machine.  After quite a few tries, they got it started.  But I couldn’t let it stall or shut it off or I was done.  As we were leaving the look out area, I notice Greg was having issues trying to start his machine.  But I couldn’t stop to help.  Sorry Greg.

Eve on her Skee-Horse at the look out.

Ev on her Skee-Horse at the look out.

We had a hard time keeping such a large group together.  It was the largest turnout of the year.  Next time we will probably break up the groups so it will be more manageable. There were a few Rupps.  A really nice Polaris and an Evenrude.  Ev, the club president, rode a Johnson Skee-Horse.  Other makes included Kawasaki, Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo, and Northway.  There was even a Johnson Skee-Horse with a caboose.  When we stopped for the day I had Maggie and Sport pose for a picture in the caboose.

Maggie and Sport in the Johnsons Caboose

Maggie and Sport in the Johnson Caboose

At the end of the ride we all met at Ev’s house.  She lives just off the trail.  We had a cook out.  The weather was gorgeous.  No jackets needed.  Everyone had a great time rehashing old snowmobile stories.  Talking about various sleds they had in the past or have at present.  Maggie and Sport tried there best to get food from everyone.  I was very proud of my two. They were very well behaved.

I can’t wait until next year.  The word is spreading about these rides.  I’m sure that next year we will have even greater turn out.

If you want to see more pictures visit my webshots.  Listed under Links on the right.


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